Villas Waiver of Liability Disclaimer

Space Villas Management & Owners will not accept responsibility for losses to our guests or any claims, including but not limited to:

  1. Responsibility for personal body injury, death, accident, lost, stolen or damaged property, loss of mental or physical enjoyment, delay or inconvenience.
  2. Delays or schedule changes to itineraries incurred by any person arising out of any willful or negligent act or omission of any airline carrier, hotel, villa, ground operator or other person who does not render any services or accommodations
  3. Monetary crisis, labor problems, economic changes, mechanical maintenance or construction difficulties, noise, climatic change, local laws, novel or unexpected conditions.
  4. Loss of travel documents, passports, visas and or health certificates, where required
  5. Additional expenses due to delays or changes in any other services, substitute accommodations, termination of services, change in rates, cancellation or double booking reservations, sickness, strike, war, quarantine, pilferage, political or social unrest, disease, acts of god or any events beyond our control.
  6. Guests agree that Management & Owners of Space Villas Bali are not responsible for damages such as (but not limited to) motorcycle, scooter, and other vehicle rentals, horse-back riding, SCUBA diving, deep-sea fishing, golfing, pool/ocean swimming and surfing, falls from pool decks, wet tiles or any sliding glass door injuries. Each guest agrees that he/she is voluntarily participating in activities, and assumes all risk of injury, illness, damage or loss to person and property that might result, including, without limitation, to any loss or theft of personal property. 
  7. For the execution interpretation and enforcement of this Agreement, the parties expressly submit to the laws in effect and to the courts of Denpasar, Indonesia, hereby waiving any other jurisdiction that may now or hereafter be applicable by reason of their present or future domiciles.
  8. Guests with Disabilities – Indonesia does not have the same disability laws like in many other countries like Australia and the United States “American Disabilities Act”. Therefore facilities for disabled persons are limited in Bali and subsequently disabled people might not be as well catered to as they would in other countries.

All guests staying at Space Villas Bali agree to the Waiver of Liability Disclaimer and all other Terms and Conditions found on our website